Floating jetties

  • Floating Jetty-manufactured by the Plastic Tabarestan Complex- is produced by using of the primary hard polyethylene(HDPE)materials and the rotomolding method, four floating tanks from a 100*100*40 cm3 cube . This is done by means of a piece called "Connecting pin". In order to increase the jetty’s resistance to the strokes and connecting the boats to its sides, other components, called "Boat Fender and Boat cleat", are used.
  • As the different parts of the jetty are fixed and gathered easily, they can be used in certain seasons of the year.
  • The additives, used in the polymeric structure of the jetty pieces, protect it from the chemical changes and specially from the destructive ultra-violet rays.
  • Each cube of the jetty is able to carry a static load weight 380 kg.
  • Because of using small segments, the jetties or floating islands can be designed in various shapes and dimensions, based on the customer’s taste.
Technical Image Floating jetties
Technical specification Floating jetties
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