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Tabarestan Plastic Complex (TPC) was established in 1996 and started producing on a land with an area of 8500 square meters in the green historical city, called Sari, in the North of Iran in 1998. Having respect for customers, paying special attention to quality, human sources and investing in researches and development has caused the company to have a rapid growing movement and to be a pioneer in different operational fields.
Afterwards, when their understanding was deepened to the quality in rotomolding industry, the customers were more willing to use the products of Tabarestan Plastic Complex. This has made the managers of the company think of developing the production line and increasing the production capacity in this industrial unit. Therefore a development plan was made and operated on a land with an area of 9100 square meters in Shiraz in 2001 so as to support the markets in the south of the country and reducing the costs of transporting the products.

This branch of the Complex is now working as the first active production unit in the rotomolding industry in the south of the country. In 2003 the first development Sari plan was operated. In the same year, the motive to produce the products with warranted quality continually, using and controlling processes effectively and adapting the products exactly with the customers' requirements has caused to create an idea within the organization to plan and perform the processes based on an international standard.

The endeavors made during the previous years were fruited in 2004 and in the same year the Tabarestan Plastic Complex managed to receive the standard certificate ISO 9001:2000 as the first active company in the rotomolding industry. In 2005 the process of improvement in the technological area attracted the company managers' attention and the search to identify and perform a development plan started in this direction.
After doing researches and making some studies, the Complex bought an advanced production line equipped with a modern technology from a company famous in the world and imported it in Iran in 2006 and the second Site of the Tabarestan Plastic Complex has started to work on a land with an area of 17000 square meters in Sari. In the same year, the research and development unit of the company was equipped with the only laboratorial machine of Iran rotomolding industry and some activities were followed more seriously to do researches and create knowledge within the Tabarestan Plastic Complex.

The researches have led to an idea within the engineering staff of the company to design and build the first automatic rotomolding machine in Iran. This project came to operational phase from the research one in 2008 and in 2009 the first rotomolding machine with an automatic control system and a moveable oven was made and operated by a group of TPC engineers. In 2011 two new development plans were performed and operated in Sari and Shiraz. These plans have caused the production capacity of the company to be raised more than before. Now the Tabarestan Plastic Complex - with 180 employees, 9 production lines and the production capacity of more than 8000 tons a year – is the largest manufacturer of the rotomolding products in Iran.

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