Quality Control

TPC has made its quality control system active from the beginning of supply chain, which the same primary materials and additives are used, to the end of the production process and storing and delivering the products. During the whole stages of the supply chain, checklists and qualitative control forms have been planned and qualitative data will be recorded and followed. TPC has planned its own quality control system based on the definition "Fitness to Use" so as to observe its customers' requirements completely.

In order to control final products, TPC has provided its controllers with the most improved control tools. Depending on the features of the products and the work sensibility, TPC samples some products scientifically in order that it can control the final products. In order to control the final products, some tests are used such as an ultrasonic micrometer to measure the thickness, stroking using a related machine, throwing packing barriers to test their resistance, etc. Meanwhile, because of engraving the production on the products, it is possible for TPC to follow the production process completely even when they are being used.
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