Providing qualified products and receiving customers' satisfaction in the enterprises is considered as a main stipulation to continue to live in the modern changing and dynamic world.

 . It has caused many organizations to be interested to use the quality management system as a means to receive and promote their customer's satisfaction. As public knowledge and information has been raised, people are paying so much attention to this issue in our country especially in the three recent decades. Establishing the quality management system was an idea propounded for the first time by TPC in 2003. As TPC acted as a pioneer in manufacturing plastic products by way of rotomolding regarding the indices such as production bulk, quality, and buzzard portion, establishing the quality management system was its main aim so as to develop the organization and to continue to be a pioneer in this industry.

 The accomplished endeavors fruited in 2004 and at the same year TPC succeeded to receive the certification ISO 9001:2000 as the first active company in the rotomolding industry. TPC quality management system is audited since then in some certain periods of time and the validity of the certificate is approved by the certification body.

In 2009 when the standard edition changed, policy, goals and all procedures and organizational instructions were revised to meet the requirements of the new edition of this standard, and eventually TPC succeeded to receive the certificate ISO 9001:2008 once more as the first active company in the rotomolding industry in Iran.
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