Policy of Quality

As the biggest manufacturer of plastic products by way of rotomolding in Iran, TPC has started its activity since 1998. TPC products are: tanks for transferring and keeping drink water, chemical products and fuels, plating and fish-nourishing tubs, traffic tools, flower pots, septic tanks, waste bins, floating jetties, packing barriers, agricultural tanks, etc.

This company with two aims :
  • Keep present customer
  • Attract new customer

has taken some action to establish the quality management system based on the international standard requirements ISO 9001:2008 through increasing the variety products and improving their quality, raising the production capacity, and delivering products to the customers on time.

In this direction, the company has decided to train the human resources purposefully, to motivate them, supply needed sources, and observe discipline in the working environment. It is believed that obliged and expert personnel are the most vital source to reach these aims. The top manager of the company has undertaken to provide the standard requirements and made the quality management system effective and promote the customers' satisfaction, and attempts to improve the processes of the organization continuously through management review meetings and ratifying suitable procedures.
Therefore, all the staff has been asked to help the company to accomplish these aims through doing their tasks correctly and on time within the framework of the quality management system.

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