Introduction of Foodstuffs Safety Management System

Food safety depends on the presence of the food pathogenic risks upon consuming by the consumer. Considering the fact that food safety risks may occur at any stage of food chain, eventually complete and adequate controlling along the food chain is mandatory.

 Therefore, whereas Tabarestan Plastic Complex is directly active in the food chain and in the transportation, storage and distribution sections (especially drinking water) at homes, it has planned, implemented, administered, maintained and updated a food safety management system based on the ISO 22000:2005 International Standard with the purpose of providing safe products for the consumer regarding the expected consumption issues, and has embarked with determining food safety policy and obtaining international certificate and registering the food safety system through DAS Company (UK) in order to prove compliance with the legal requirements and safety regulations of foodstuffs and customized requirements, as well as increasing customer satisfaction, by establishing effective relationships regarding food safety issues with the suppliers, customers and stakeholders associated to the food chains and proving compliance thereof to such stakeholders.

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