TPC has provided the widest sales net and service-after-sales through 150 sales agencies and 20 service-after-sales agencies round the country to give rapid and sure answer to dear compatriots. This collection forms the big family of TPC.

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The company's agencies have chosen among the honest persons. In order to access and identify the products easily, all agencies can be identified by uniform tableaus. Therefore, it is not needed for dear customers to buy products from the factory directly. All permissible sales agencies deliver the products to dear customers with a leaf of guarantee and the instructions for how to use them correctly. Fixing the connectors and jetties, transporting and delivering the products to the place where the customers live are accomplished by them if necessary. To be sure the agencies' performance and to see how effective the process of providing products and services for the customers is, TPC visit them periodically. TPC big family consisting of sales agencies and the staff and the managers are always trying to raise the customers' satisfaction. Each year the company's agencies take part in the annual meeting of sales agencies so as to visit new products in addition to receiving a report of new inventions, developments, and findings in the rotomolding industry.

TPC which is proud of its honest agencies observe the following moral principles: 1) Proving number-one products. 2) Refusing to demolish the competitors. 3) Being pioneers in new technologies and refusing to copy. 4) Talking honestly 5) Giving answers to the complaints and undertaking social responsibilities. 6) Being faithful to the agencies.
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