Two-layer foamed tubs

Use lift-tract to lift the tub. Open the plastic lock so as not to be damaged when lifting the tub using a crane.
150lit and 250lit Wheeled Dustbins

Do not throw the door out so as not to break the hinge bolt on the body. Place at least three arm claws in the groove of the front edge. After pressing the shoe on the front edge and closi...
Packing Barrels

210lit two-lid barrels and 220lit barrels Arrange the barrels full of fluid at most on two floors. Put the barrels full of fluid on a pallet and lift it with a lift-tract to remove. ...
Floating Jetties

Put the pantones near to one another in accordance with the catalogue if you want to tie the pins so that the four signs- ****,***,**,* -which are seen on the pantones lie serially round one axis cloc...
Agricultural (Poison-sprayer) Tanks

Those who build poison-spray components are suggested to design and build them so that they can prevent the centralized load from lying on the anticipated supports and the load spread over the whole c...
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