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Tabarestan Plastic Complex, as the largest producer of Polyethylene products by rotomolding method, after observing the satisfaction of consumers with products made of Polyethylene, proceeded to develop the portfolio of products and companies under its group. In addition to the production of Polyethylene tanks up to 40,000 liters in the parent company, this complex now has 5 different lines that are operating under the names of Souma, Azin Polinoor, Mariya, Mozad, and Blow Molding. In order to get more information about each of the sub-groups of Tabarestan, you can read more explanations by clicking on them on the left side.

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Tabarestan Plastic Complex has established 3 production branches in the cities of Sari, Shiraz, and Isfahan, as well as an office branch in Tehran to supply the needs of consumers in various regions of Iran. You can contact the nearest branch directly through the communication channels provided.

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Tabarestan Plastic Complex Company, with more than 200 active agencies, is the largest producer of Polyethylene tanks by rotomolding method in Iran, which officially started its activity in 1996. In order to facilitate and accelerate the satisfaction of consumers needs, this company, after establishing its first branch in Sari, set up 2 more production branches in Shiraz and Isfahan. As an expert in the field of polymer products, Tabarestan company, in addition to the production of Polyethylene tanks, also produces multi-layer sanitary packaging barrels, marine products, children‌\\\'‌s pools, all kinds of illuminated and non-illuminated products such as Suarez table, chairs, vases, fountains, etc. It means that each of them is working independently. Increasing the quality level of polymer products in the country, special respect for consumers and attention to human resources are the three basic principles of Tabaristan Plastic Complex, which has been at the forefront of all activities since the beginning of its establishment.


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